Simple PHP with html DEMO

This demonstrates the results of a simple php script framed in html which shows EST Time and Date, visitors' IP address, and IP host.

Date and Eastern Standard Time is:
Thursday 19th of April 2018 01:00:19 PM

Your IP Address:

Steps to write this

I wrote the php code first, then checked to be sure it worked. At the moment, I do not have php loaded onto my desktop computer, so I had to file transfer it to my GNU/Linux web server which does have php. It checked out okay, so I wrapped some html code around it, putting the php code in between the body tags. Finally, I saved the file as a .php rather than .html file and file transfered it to this web site. Note that if you use browser tools to review the code, it displays the results from the php but does not display the php code itself. This is intentional, and the way php is supposed to work.

Look for Default Page in this directory.

Find Default Page in a higher directory

SIMPLE PHP DEMO of Time and IP Address by AeroScore.